Here is the personality of persons born in the zodiac Sign Libra. Here is why you should love them. It is carefully picked from other sources.



October borns are Charming

Ruled by Venus, October born individuals are charming folks. They are motivated by justice and to create harmony in their surroundings. They are known as the peacemakers among the zodiac signs. They gentle, diplomatic, charming, friendly and just.

They need to strike a balance between work life, personal life, emotions, finances, spirituality and so on.

Has a strong psyche

They have a strong psyche and can read people well. They do well in careers such as real estate, food, stock market, marriage counseling, interior decoration and the arts in general. However, they need to focus to bring out their inner stamina and intuition.


As lovers of beauty, their perceptions are often colored by rose-tinted glasses and they refuse to face the reality. They need to learn to avoid prolonged decision and be quick thinkers. While it is a Libra’s foremost trait to achieve balance, these individuals need to work hard towards achieving it.

Ready for challenge

As gentle beings they are naturally attracted to individuals who are competitive. But they need to be ready to face challenges that come with such a relationship. They are easily upset by rude or rough behavior. They need to learn to take things easy and not personally always.

Challenge your self

They love to live in luxury and have a great sense of aesthetics. They enjoy the company of intellectuals and business minded people. However, they become used to their good life and stop seeking challenge. They need to change this!

Don’t get stagnated

October born individual should take care about becoming stagnated. If they do so, they will soon be cut off from their cosmic consciousness which will harm them emotionally as well as stagnate their intellectual growth.



Nikita Banerjee