Valentine’s Day is near! Want to make her happy but having problem in your budget? We are here to help you with this awesome tips from different sources, which will surely make her happy in this coming Valentines!



Showing That You Appreciate Them

Put your phone down, and turn off the TV while you’re having your celebration. Devote all of your attention to your significant other by not letting social media, news notifications, or cat pictures get in the way of your romantic day.

Make good conversation

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect on things you haven’t gotten to talk about in a while. Talk about your dreams for the future, remember great memories from early in your relationship, and ask them how they’re feeling about their life. Listen well, since they might be telling you something important about themselves.

Keep your conversations positive

Don’t bring up past mistakes or talk about the problems you’re having with your relationship, as it could cause a fight, which is the opposite of what you want!

If he or she says something big, like “I’m not happy with where we live”, reassure them that you hear them and that their happiness is important. Say that you can hash out the details of a big change later.

Say “I love you”

It doesn’t cost anything but it means a great deal. Don’t be shy; say it a lot during the day. They will appreciate your honesty and it will mean more than any gift ever could.

Make DIY Gifts



Write a heartfelt love letter

Don’t be afraid to gush a little, especially if you’re normally pretty un-romantic. Everyone likes reading about how much they’re loved in words written by the person who loves them. You can also make it into a card by folding it and adding some personalized doodles.

Put together a mix tape

Well, nowadays it’ll be more of a playlist, but the idea is the same: organize a list of songs that reminds you of them, takes them back to a special memory like a vacation, or is just plain romantic. You can put it on a CD for them to play in their car, or share the playlist on their Spotify account to listen to at any time.

Make a photo frame

Make a photo frame with pictures that they can swap out. Head to the thrift shop or dollar store for a cheap photo frame. Print out several pictures of you as a couple that your partner can change out anytime they want! You can also make a scrapbook using old notebooks and duct tape instead of buying a frame.

Give Affordable Gifts

Give them just one rose instead of a whole bouquet. One rose means “you’re the one”, so don’t be embarrassed about not giving your special one an entire garden. Hang the rose upside down on the wall when it starts to wilt because it will dry up and you can keep it for years to come.

Because a single rose could still be a little pricy on Valentine’s Day, ask your mom or grandmother if you can pick a rose from her rose bush. It will be that much more special since it was grown by someone you love.

Hit the dollar store for inexpensive gifts. They will have all the stuff that’s normally expensive at party stores and flower shops, like balloons, candy, and stuffed animals. Snag a few different items since, hey, they’re only a buck!

Trade cards in the store

Pick out Valentine’s Day cards in the store at the same time. Give them to each other on the spot and decide together if you want to buy the cards, or if you just want to take a picture to remember the moment.



Gift her a small potted plant

You don’t need to spend over $15 for a small potted plant, plus it will last longer than cut flowers. They can keep it on their desk at work as a reminder of how much you love them. Provide instructions on how to properly take care of the plant to help it live a long life and bloom often.

Succulents, like cacti and aloe vera, are great options since they are low-maintenance and live for a long time. Plus, cacti can grow flowers if they have proper lighting, soil, and watering!

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