be gentleman, happy, decent, courteous, positive, civil



Special trait that a true gentleman has is paying attention to women and being polite to them. They open the door and let the women enter first, they help women carry their things. They are those man who love giving special attention to everyone that every women would want to be with




He grasps doors for not just by women but all the people, he lets others cut in line at the grocery store if they have fewer items than him, helps others carry their things if its too heavy for someone and commonly goes out of his way to accommodate others and give them consideration whether its big or small.


be gentleman, happy, decent, courteous, positive, civil


To be courteous you have to be respectful, polite and have a good manner. Many man wear suits, clean haircut, car, good posture, great shoes but do not open door for women, don’t pay attention to a girl’s story and keep on disrupting her story, and that is disrespectful.



If you are trustworthy and honest, then you have a true personality of being noble. These days looking a trustworthy and honest person is like looking treasure. We have to strive more for the nobility. That’s what makes one person a true gentleman.


be gentleman, happy, decent, courteous, positive, civil




A gentleman holds civility by giving importance to all people and considering everyone with respect. Even from the lowest rank up to the CEO, he sensibly reflects how his actions and words influence others. The same goes to gender equality,  he treat female and male colleagues with the same respect.



Decent has a broad or huge meaning. Being decent doesn’t only means good haircut, good suit, great shoes, proper attire, but to be really a decent gentleman, you must be acceptable, fair, appropriate, reasonable, correct and proper.


Sharp Presence

To be a true gentleman he must know how to choose dress, groom, and carry himself with confidence. His sharp presence proves respect for himself and his environment or wherever he may be.



A gentleman chooses to be positive. His positivity is spreadable, his steady encouragement pulls others to him, he observes gratitude, and consider others. A positive people is always a good companion.