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wen we fall seriously in love
we always wish that the feeling would mutually grow
and stay forever..but sometimes no matter how perfect a
relationship may seem and how many months or years you’ve been together
“people just change and forget their promises of forever”

Sumtymes pipol choose to leave,
not because of selfish reasons,

but bcoz they just know that..
things will get worse if they stay..

I don’t need sum1 perfect don’t even need
a wealthy 1..
I just need some1 who can understand
and who can b w/ me in tyms
im under my unwanted attitude..

Moving on s easy 2 say but hard 2 do.
bt 1 thing dat s true.
u cud never mov on f u truly luv a person
coz tru luv never fade dat easy
u may 4get dat felin,
but der still a spark dat lights up between d 2 of u

ever realize why the sweetest moments in life require
only a little effort?

It’s because when you’re really special for someone.
you can make the person feel loved by just being

missing someone isn’t bout d time
u’ve not seen each other..
but bout remmbering d moments
u’ve shared together and xpcting it to happn again

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