New Tagalog Pick Up Lines

New Tagalog Pick Up Lines

New Tagalog Pick Up Lines :

Here are some of the latest cheesy tagalog pick-up lines that will surely make your someone special feel the “kilig” feeling or create some “laugh trip” among the barkada.

“Teleserye ka ba? Ang sarap mo kasing subaybayan.”

This quote says that he/she is very interested in your life. As we all Filipinos know, drama series in the Philippines are epic, epic as in extremely protracted. Remember the original “Mara Clara” series? It was aired for as long as 5 years. With that being said, you are certainly that interesting if someone decides to have his/her eyes on you for that incredible span of time.

“Hindi ako stalker, I’m just following my dreams”

Here is a perfect excuse for those who aimlessly follow their “apple of their eyes” wherever he/she goes. Stalkers never leave a good impression. Stalkers are intimidating, creepy, and of course, very irritating to the senses. Who would want to be watched all the time as if you’re in the PBB house? But hey! It did say you are his/her “dreams”, isn’t that something flattering?

Cheesy Tagalog Pinoy Pickup Lines

1) Kumain ka ba ng asukal? – ang tamis kasi ng ngiti mo.
2) I’m a bee – can you be my honey?
3) May lahi ka bang keyboard? – type kasi kita
4) Papupulis kita! – ninakaw mo kasi puso ko
5) Are you a dictionary? – coz you add meaning to my life
6) I lost my number – can I have yours?
7) I forgot your name – can I call you mine?
8) Ice ka ba? – crush kita, okay lang?
9) Sweswertihin ka sa pagibig ngayong taon – pag naging akin ka
10) Meralco ka ba? – pag ngumiti ka kasi may spark
11) Crayola ka ba? – kasi nagbibigay ka ng kulay sa buhay ko
12) EDSA ka ba? – di kasi ako makapagmove on
13) Bangin ka ba? – nahulog kasi ako sa’yo
14) May butas ba yang puso mo? – natrap kasi ako, can’t find my way out
15) Pustiso ka ba? – kasi I can’t smile without you
16) Miss, alam mo ba? Hindi tayo Tao, hindi tayo Hayop, at hindi rin tayo Halaman, Bagay tayo, Bagay.
17) Nabibingi ka na ba? Coz my heart has been screaming out your name for quite some time now..