A relationship that lasts forever is the dream of every lovers out there. Maintaining the spark of love, the chill and excitement in a relationship is hard, especially if both of you are busy.  Just like everything else, a relationship requires both work and dedication. But making your relationship lasts forever is easier than you think with this helpful tips.



Make Time for you loved ones


1. Make time for each other.

Spending time is one of the factors of a good relationship. By this, you will be able to know each other deeper. Spend an hour or more with her at least once a week, do something new every week, eat in restaurants or cook dinner together, take a walk in a beach or watch a movie. Every day make time to ask how was her day, it’s a good thing that both of you are updated to each other. When you are always with each other you will feel that you misses her more.

2. Maintain strong communication.

Always consider communication to your relationship, text her if you already arrived to your workplace, call her and remind her to eat lunch, in this simple ways, you build a strong communication. Every time you have misunderstanding, talk and try to understand don’t let the night pass without talking to each other.

3. Learn to say you’re sorry.

Every mistake is forgivable, if you have courage to admit it. Put your pride down and make eye contact, sincerely say sorry for what you have done. Girls are a bit moody, they might get angry from simple things, be humble and just say sorry.




4. Remember your special day and make sure to celebrate it even in simple ways.

Make sure you remember your monthsary or anniversary, if you find it hard to remember dates, set reminders in your phone. Celebrate it even in simple ways like bringing her some pizza or ice cream. Make sure you will be the first to greet Happy Anniversary, there are applications like Go SMS that you can set time when you want your message to be send, so before you sleep type your Anniversary message for tomorrow and set its send time to 12:01 am. In the next morning she will be happy because she will think that you take some effort to wake up at 12:01 am just to greet her.

5. Tell your loved one how much she means to you.

It’s important to tell your loved one how much she means to you, this will make her feel secure of your love, she will feel like “I am important for him, he won’t love anyone else but me”. Don’t forget to tell her “ I love you” every day, multiple times a day and make sure to mean it.

6. Appreciate

Appreciate every little thing she does, look at her face and tell her she’s so beautiful. When she cooks your food, tell her it’s the most delicious dish you have ever taste, tell her that she cooks better than your favorite restaurant. Tell her that her dress suits really good in her. And tell her how lucky you are to have her.




7. Learn to forgive.

Learn how to forgive, put yourself in her place and try to understand. If you already forgive her, forget it. Don’t always tell what wrongs she had done every time you have a quarrel, what’s the sense of forgiving her if you will brag it every misunderstanding. If you really love her you won’t kept a list of her wrongs.

8. Be honest.

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your loved one. If you’re really upset about something that happened at work, don’t keep it all by yourself. Be honest enough to tell her what upset you and what you don’t want. But don’t be too honest to tell her that she’s getting ugly or fat, you must know what you will say and what you will not.

9. Respect

Respect is one of the most important factor in a good relationship. Respect her and she will respect you. If she don’t want to give her social media account, respect her decision. Understand her as a unique individual and help her achieve what she wants.

10. Understand

Understand her, maybe she’s too dramatic but it’s their nature. Put yourself in her place, try to understand why she act that way. Being understanding will mend your ways through difficult time and will keep the happiness alive.