Sometimes, we never noticed the way we act because we are busy observing others. Here are some quotes that I have found earlier. Let’s see if you act like this one! Compilation of tagalog love quotes, patama quotes, papansin quotes and whatever quotes… you name it.

Compilation of tagalog love quotes

To all singles out there, are you like that? Well, for me it is just normal. Pwede naman tayo mag-post ng kahit na anong gusto natin. Let’s just make sure that we are not too dramatic and over-acting in some situations. Sabi nga, kanya-kanyang trip lang daw. Pag puso ay sawi, sa quotes bumabawi. What can you say about that?

tagalog love quotes

Yes. We should be contented and be happy with the one we love. It’s true that there were so many fishes in the ocean but we can always find differences in each of them. Dapat nga magpasalamat ka dahil nakahanap ka ng taong loyal sayo kahit na marami kang flaws and imperfections. The question is: LOYAL nga ba?

papansin quotes

That’s the sad part. Mas malandi pa pala sayo ang crush mo! What are you gonna do now? Don’t be borther, who knows? Baka ikaw naman ang crush ng crush nya. Let the war begins!


whatever love quotes


That was for sure. Your life will become dull if you lose such person. Laging tandaan, mga taong takas sa mental… iilan nalang yan! Kidding aside, people with such personality is fun to be with. So never lose them.

Parents love quotes

Indeed. Parents are really like that. Wanna know why? Because they know what was best for us! Aral muna iha. Bata ka pa. Soon, when your realization in life widen, you’re gonna thank them for being such a spoiler in your life. Hala! Sige. Mamalantsya ka na!

maganda love quotes

Better bring a knife then! Just kidding. Well, everyone is beautiful (just in their own eyes). Joke ulit! Lagi lang nating tandaan, beauty is only skin deep. And there’s nothing wrong in thinking how beautiful one can be. Self-confidence tawag dun kaso may ilan na nasobrahan. Still, just like what I’ve said… kanya-kanyang trip lang! Walang basagan.

Well, there you’ve had it. Tagalog love quotes, patama at iba pa. Just a personal point of view and it seems like there’s nothing new. Baka bukas meron kaya balik kayo. Thanks for reading! Anong topic ang sunod? Abangan.