Bakit nga ba may lalaking “torpe”?

Bat nagkakaroon ng lalaking torpe? Pano nga ba ang pagiging torpe? At bakit nila ito ginagawa o nararanasan. I once saw a quote “ Kapag ang lalaki ay torpe, keep him”. Kase once ang lalaki ay naging torpe and torpe means that a guy is takot na sabihin ang kanyang nararamdaman to a girl. It’s like once ang lalaki ay torpe then sabihin na naten ay nasabi na niya sa wakas ang kanyang nararamdaman and it all turn out great. It means na magiging totoo ang isang lalaki sa kanyang minamahal sa babae once na sila na or when they are together and already have a relationship.. I, myself,  before was a “torpe”, I was scared to express my feelings for her even tho it’s kinda obvious that I have something for her. It lasted over three years without saying my feelings for her. Even for now I don’t have the guts to tell her how I really feel about her. So what I want to say is that ang lalaki ay nagiging torpe kasi he’s scared that he might get rejected and the friendship that he had with her might be gone or just fade away.