Quotes about Bad Boy

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Badboy Quotes

Bad boy- everytime we hear the word bad boy, disgust show on others face but in time girls fall for someone like this. It’s because once a bad boy fall in love he can be very good just only for the girl he loves and also those bad boy can be very protective just for you.


Badboy Quotes

When you started to fall for someone you can be their cure and save them from the depths but not all of those people who you fall with can cure you as well. As you fall for them deeper, the deeper the pain you will experience until he/ she will be your disease, a disease that doesn’t have a cure but him/her. You may have save them from struggles and pain but as you were saving them they are killing you. Know why? because there’s no assurance that they will stay with you forever. Time will come they will start to fade away and leave you alone.


Badboy quotes

Many of us believe that good boys can be of fun sometimes but not all good boys are such fun to be with. You as a good girl have a small possibility of  falling for someone good because it can be too boring for both of you while Bad boys can be so much fun because you can experience and enjoy things you haven’t done before. 


Bad boy

Boys can be very bad and you may said that they should just stay in hell but their answer would be like this:


Badboy quotes

Every battle we fight there is always two result: It’s either we WIN or we LOSE but everyone’s character isn’t defined on how many battles we win or we lose but by those battles that we dare to fight no matter what the result is.


Quotes about bad boy

In fairy tales they have the prince charming- that one who will save you from an infinite sleep and a bad guy who doesn’t dare to even look at you. In real life there is no prince charming who will kiss you and save you from your evil stepmother rather the prince charming is the bad guy.


quotes about bad boy

There’s a saying that does like this: “All good boys go to heaven”. Good boys may go to heaven indeed but bad boys are the one who brings heaven to you. Heaven like feelings of love and happiness and sweetness.


Bad boy quotes

In life there’s this someone who you fall with but the only role they have in your life is the villain and your enemy and no more than that. 


bad boy quotes

Everyone of us have that bad side within us but to cope up with other’s we try to be nice so that they will like us but sometimes our mouth doesn’t cooperate especially in times when there’s someone who will really make you say something indecent.


quotes about bad boy

Bad boys read the rules but eventhough they read it they still break it. Especially if it pertains to you or about you.


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