There are plenty of overdone, washed out ways to make a girl feel safe and secure in your relationship, but it’s really the smallest, simplest gestures that are actually the most noteworthy. Here are 8 simple ways you can do that will surely melt your girl’s heart.


9 Ways To Get A Girl’s Heart - 1

 1. Hug her from behind.

Hug a girl from behind, she loves it! It makes them feel loved and protected. One way to enhance spontaneity is to surprise your girl with a hug from behind. As long as they aren’t doing anything too important, wrapping your arms around their waist, and resting your head against theirs can be a super sweet surprise.

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2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other.

Hold her hand while you were walking, it provides comfort. To hold hands with our loved one is the “advanced form” for that matter – it shows more permanent fondness, rapport, respect, concern, trust and perhaps romantic feelings. Holding hands is a declaration of devotion to each other.

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3. Wrap your hands around her.

The best way, is the simplest way. When sitting down just nudge over to her and put your arm around her, followed by a smile.


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4. Cuddle with her.

Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness, shows affection, and increases happiness. Cuddling releases a hormone which reduces stress and anxiety, meaning that it increases your mental well-being as well.

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5. Write little notes.

Love notes are a wonderful way to express your affection for a partner, especially if you want your gesture to be simple and meaningful. Best of all, they can be seamlessly integrated within the daily business of living so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to tell your girl how much she means to you.

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6. Compliment her.

Giving a compliment to a woman can be an easy yet effective way to make her feel special, showing her just how wonderful you think she is. Knowing how to compliment a girl is pretty important when you’re trying to make a lasting impression. After all, a compliment shows that you’ve noticed how nice a woman she really is.

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7. Comfort her when she cries.

Being a guy means you likely want to fix whatever is broken so you do not have to deal with it anymore. This is no time for that. She doesn’t need fixing; she needs comforting. Ask her what you can do for her. This is a very different question than asking her what she needs. The word “need” is too huge in the midst of crisis. Action is better, so ask what you can do, then obey, even if the answer is “nothing.” What to do when your significant other is crying is entirely dependent on the reason behind her tears. In some situations, you may have no idea why she’s crying, but in others it will be quite obvious. In some instances, comforting her may be best, while other situations may call for you to give her space.


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8. Say “I love you” and mean it.

Remember that there’s a big difference between “Love ya!” and “I love you.” If your special someone really loves you and tells you this much while looking into your eyes, sounding earnest, and not wanting anything from you, then it’s likely that he really means it. If the person undeniably loves you, then he’ll say it for no reason at all, not just because he needs a favor or because it feels like the right thing to say.