1. “The Intellectual”

He or she presses you to think about the world around you. Intellectuals pose thought-provoking questions about work, life, children, education, love, and how all of those things work together. You think about whom you are and what you represent when you’re around them. They motivate you to study, read, and be original.


2. “The Storyteller”

storytellers own the dinner table. They turn the most mundane experiences into a theatrical production, and they never fail to make you smile. They love to make people laugh, to watch Saturday Night Live and to live in the spotlight. They often make your abs hurt, use adjectives you only read in Charlotte Bronte novels, and have the best Facebook posts. Storytellers remind you of your past, and make you excited for the future.

3. “The Mom”

This friend is your role model. She is mostly overprotective, but it’s only because she really cares about you. She is the one you text when you’re having a bad day. She can tell you need a hug without you uttering a word. She forces you to think through all your decisions, and she always knows best (but let’s be honest, you don’t always listen). She’s loving, critical, and compassionate, and will always be there for you no matter what.


4. “The Older Brother”

This person knows you as well as anyone, but they’re quiet about it. Like moms, older brothers are overprotective, but in a very silent way. Instead of telling you what to do, they help you find the answer within yourself. They will make sure you’re significant others take care of you and make you happy. They take you to lunch when you need a break, they tell you when you’re being dumb, and they remind you who you are.

5. “The Listener”

The listener is your sounding board. They know your motivation, your goals, and your life. Listeners are selfless, compassionate, and caring. You text them at 4am when you don’t know what to do, you have three hour conversations instead of going to sleep, and they will help you find the answers you are always looking for.