We don’t need to explain how much we love our partner but others need an explanation so I provide some reasons how much do they love their partner.

“You make me feel worth something”

1 You make me feel worth something.

2 You make me feel protected. You make me feel as if you would stand in front of me if I was in confrontation, that you would hold my hands and be on my side.

3 You like us being silly and living out our fantasies and making movie scene moment with me and you don’t think there dumb.

“Your fun to be with and we have the same interest”

4 Your fun to be with and we have the same interest

5 You have amazing eyes that tell a story and an amazing smile that change with your thoughts.

6 You are a little boyish and you don’t care if you break a nail. And you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. You will climb trees and jump rocks with me.

when i look at you and i want to spend the rest o my life with you

7 “When I look at you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

8 When you kiss me I feel the magic in your lips. You send my mind to an amazing place. I get lost in your kisses

9 When you touch me? You want me to feel pleasure. You’re not just touching for self-gain. You want me to feel love through your hands

10 No one has ever made me feel as comfortable with another person as you do.

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